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michelleericksonIn the past, I've suffered from post-apocalyptic stress syndrome while writing 5 Blanks, recovered an ancient artifact using a pair of star-crossed lovers in Chest of Souls, celebrated Christmas by unearthing the forgotten love story of the Klauses, and, in Pic Jump, saved a little girl from a terrorist organization armed with nothing but a Barbie head and a woman in a coma. Oh, and helped a woman find true love and solve a murder in Hallows Gate.In the present, I live with my family in a fun-sized community within sight of an extinct volcano. I live in this world, but work in another that is peopled with extraordinary people, lots of drama, sub-plots, and peppered with close-calls. It has been a long and miraculous (sometimes mental), journey for the last few years as I dedicated time to do what I love and love what I do. Fifteen books later, I'm grateful I can still say that.In the future, I bid you good reads wherever you go and in case I don't survive my latest adventures, a co-authored children's series (titled House of Cards), I left my will at the bottom of a nameless volcano under a rock - just in case you want your own adventure.

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