Lynda Kelly

Lynda KellyWhen I was eight, I had a brief lead-rein ride on a donkey at the church fĂȘte and I was instantly smitten. From then on, I wanted a pony or a donkey so badly I could hardly bear it. And it just got worse. After three years of determined nagging, my parents bought me a six-month old, wild Dartmoor colt from Bampton Fair. Misty was very much into biting and my mum was scared stiff of him. My dad always called him Al Capone, after the famous American gangst
er. Needless to say, Clown is modelled on this pony!
At different times over the years, I owned and rode Suzannah, Huckleberry, Sparks, and Ibn Suhar, my beautiful bay Arab. My children also had various ponies and went to local gymkhanas and shows. My riding days ended because I no longer lived on a farm; I was left with many golden memories and a big gap. Eventually, I took up writing the Amy and Clown series of pony books (now available as eBooks and paperbacks). The most important part of my stories are the people and the ponies, and I like most of them to have at a least a few faults. I love my characters and sometimes have to remind myself that they aren't real.

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