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Taya Bayliss – Treasure Hunter

Taya Baylis - Book 1

About This Book

Eleven year old Taya Bayliss is not happy that her family has moved from the city to Bascombe’s Bay, a tiny fishing village.   She has only been in her new home for a few hours when she finds herself mixed up in a fifty year old mystery. 

She meets Mae Evans, an elderly lady, who because of a long ago love seems to hold the key to the treasure. But is there really a treasure or is it all just imagination?

Two local boys certainly think there is a hidden fortune and spend their time stalking Mae in an effort to get her to lead them to it.  They soon turn their attentions to Taya as well making life more difficult for her.

Taya is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and to help Mae out of her difficulties but the clues don’t seem to add up.  Is the painting of the lighthouse a clue or just a keepsake?


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