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Stars Shine After Dark

About This Book

Stars Shine After Dark is a sweet love story that has faith woven through the plot and used as a means of making decisions.  Faith is the compass that guides them through their problems.

Mona is an actress who grew up in Hollywood.  She is trying to revamp her image from a child actor to a mature woman.  She decides to go to college, and makes friends with her agent’s niece.  The niece introduces her to Tim, a football star for UCLA.

They are both stars, both successful.  It should be a fairy tale romance, but someone is leaking stories to the press that aren’t true.  Mona intends to find out who is leaking the stories, and stop it.

Tim is offered a contract to play professional ball, but before he can sign the contract, his career is ended by a car crash.  Mona reacts by being strong, and kicking her own career into high gear.  Tim goes into real estate, and hates his job.  He is jealous of her success.  He thinks about divorce, and comes up with a plan that will let them separate without harming Mona’s image in the eyes of her conservative fans.  He still loves her, he just isn’t happy with his life.  He discusses his problems with a friend, a woman who also has broken dreams and unfulfilled ambitions.  Because of her insights, Tim turns to meditation and examines his heart.

Mona finds her answer by reading the book of Hosea.  She realizes that she has lost sight of what is really important to her, and decides to change her relationship with Tim.  They may have been going through a dark period, but if they are stars, they will find a way to keep their love shining.

“Stars Shine After Dark is a unique story.  I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it before.  There are some exciting moments from twists in the plot, and not torrid sex scenes.  It is a book both men and women can enjoy.” Says Laura V. Hilton, The Road to Romance, Oct. 22, 2003.

“Very highly recommended,” writes Liana Metal.  “It’s an exciting story that will satisfy those who like romance.  It is certainly a very modern, yet, romantic story that includes elements of the every-day student lifestyle.  This book caters for everyone who loves romance and it is an easy and enjoyable read.”

“The author has a vocabulary and doesn’t need smutty gutter language and explicit sex to tell a good story,” says Rosemary Stanovsky.  “It’s a feel good book.”

“Not your typical romance, Stars Shine After Dark is more about relationships and the issues that all too often ruin a marriage.  This is a very well written book, addressing the conflicts faced by the characters and how they deal with them.  It is, after all, not the problems that life hands us in marriage, but how we face and handle them that matter.  You will enjoy this book,” writes Peggy Phifer, editor, Wordsmith News,

“It handles the love scenes so nicely,” says Betty Del Gallo.  “I got to the scene where they go off together and said to myself ‘oh boy, her it comes.’  But it wasn’t like the other books out there.  It was refreshing.”

“…compelling, well-written and contains a valuable message.”  The Writer’s Edge.

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