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Mr. Wrong

About This Book

Sometimes the thing you want most—is the thing you shouldn’t have.
All Sara Fairbanks wants is to marry her missionary. And he’s almost home. It’s just annoying that Beau Hennings suddenly shows up at the most inopportune times and acts like he’s ‘saving’ her. She doesn’t need to be saved—especially by him.
All Beau wants is to start a new life. The way he keeps running into Sara and gets to torment her—is just a bonus. But there’s no room in his life for a relationship. None at all.
When she and Beau—accidentally—kiss, three days before her missionary comes home, Sara is more confused than ever. Good thing Sara’s BFF comes up with a plan to date both of them. Too bad the plan falls apart when her missionary tells her he’s transferring schools and Sara sees Beau out with another woman.
When secrets about a hidden past surface, Sara has to make a choice; trust in the Lord or face Mr. Wrong.

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