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Maid of Sherwood

About This Book

Headstrong Marian du Luc would rather traipse through Sherwood Forest and spar with her family’s antique sword than wear the fancy dresses and ribbons her mother favors. Nevertheless, she conforms to her mother’s standards when her family is summoned to Nottingham Castle by the evil Prince John. Upon her arrival Marian is forced to endure the advances of the Sheriff of Nottingham while she secretly meets with the handsome outlaw ‘Hood’, who has captured her heart with his passion for justice.

 Court intrigue tangles Marian in its web when she discovers horrendous truths about Prince John and the Sheriff, placing her life in jeopardy and forcing her to confront the hidden truths in her own family.

Of course, everything would be much easier if she wasn’t head over heels with the one man the Sheriff would risk anything to kill… 

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