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Daughter of Helaman

The Stripling Warrior Series - Book 1

About This Book

She should be thinking of housework and being a wife.  Instead Keturah is thinking of swords and being a warrior.  Ignoring the worries of her family and her nearly betrothed, Keturah begins secretly training with one of the new soldiers to prove herself worthy of Helaman’s army.  But when the two men meet up, sparks fly, and Keturah must figure out not only her place in society, but also her heart’s desire.

Misty Moncur skillfully transports readers to Nephite times, where Lamanites roam the forest and fighting for your family and freedom is the dream of every boy–and one girl.  You’ll cheer as the sassy Keturah proves herself, both on and off the battlefield, as a girl with a warrior’s heart.

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