Chest of Souls Book 1
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Chest of Souls Book 1

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Chest of Souls Book One

ISBN: 9780557680023

About This Book

Brenna has no idea she’s the most powerful being ever born. She doesn’t care that her mother is in charge of a secret women’s organization bent on guarding her from all threats. She doesn’t know her father’s supposed to be dead, or that her pet Shee is the Queen of her species. Brenna is safe because she is oblivious to all but Talon.

Talon felt safe until he met Brenna. Once he is ordered to protect her, his life becomes the adventure he thought he always wanted – at a run. His father burned down their cottage and left him with people he just met. He isn’t sure who to trust, but is positive he’s to continue guarding Brenna.

Talon and Brenna have been hunted their entire lives by the very evil they must destroy. Together, they are supposed to bring down the wickedest city in the world.

The Chest of Souls is a myth in most people’s minds, but it waits to be powered. Neither child can guess the price.

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