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A River Divides – Beyond the Wood Series – Book Two

About This Book

The action and romance of award-winning novel Beyond the Wood continue in A River Divides.

It’s the winter of 1864. While eastern theater soldiers languish in camp boredom, conspiracy, treachery and mystery envelope Confederate widow Betsy Henderson. Is there something sinister in a visit from the town sheriff? Did she tell him too much? Can she be true to all she’s sworn?

In the meantime, William, a runaway slave, still craving his chance to fight for the Union, flees Virginia. Stumbling into the murky waters of Kentucky servitude and near death, he has nothing to offer but a worn body, exhausted spirit and troubled mind. Dare he imagine freedom, soldiering and even love? Or is he broken and fully spent?

In 1864, white and black, soldier and civilian, guilty and innocent are trapped in the tumultuous conflict, and nothing is at it seems. Welcome to the river that divides them.

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